Bringing Artistry to Technology

Great software is hard to describe, but you know it when you see it.

It's responsive. It's pleasing to look at. It seems to know what you want to do next. You might even enjoy yourself while using it.

These are the goals I strive for every time I go to work for a client. The most important goal is fitting the solution to your specific needs.

Artisan Solutions

This is the business website of Peter Swartwout, a unique consultant with 23 years' experience who strives to always bring artistry to technology. Peter specializes in high-performance multi-user web applications built on the Java platform. He has spearheaded several high-visibility, mission-critical projects featured on the Clients page.

My solid background in object-oriented programming, the Java/J2EE platform, Ruby on Rails development, web services integration, GUI programming, and database development will help you solve the most demanding IT challenges. In recent years I have focused almost exclusively on web application development. The business world continues to migrate toward web applications for their core line-of-business tools. I can help you make this approach work for you.

What I Offer

I can add value to your project in many ways, as a design consultant, team leader, or individual coder, depending on your specific needs and the experience level of your team.

Currently, Artisan Software Development does not do project outsourcing but that is very much a possibility for the future.

I have a strong preference for lightweight architecture using open-source technologies and agile software development methodology. Open-source development keeps costs low while providing an ever-expanding feature set. I enjoy keeping up with the rapidly changing technology landscape so you don't have to.

Agile methodology means something different to every company, but the general idea is finding the sweet spot of process formality so your team spends its time solving problems and not "doing the process". Knowing how to find that delicate balance point is crucial to project success and is something of an art form, gained with experience.


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